My Boyfriend Is So Romantic With Me. I Mean He Opens Doors And I Think He Loves Me Too Much, Should I Stay With Him?


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If this is a fairly new romance then most boyfriends open doors and are romantic. You need to be really honest with yourself and if you don`t think you love him then it is only fair to him that you tell him exactly how you feel.

He could either turn around and say that he will try and make you love him or he could turn round and say bye bye. The only person who knows what to do is you. You can either go through life with people whom you don`t love but are nice to you or you can try and find the special one for you as there is someone out there for everyone and I truly believe that.

Once you find your loved one, your heart will tell you. Remember the old saying "good things come to those who wait". The final decision is yours.
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It is very hard to find true love in this world. Once you have found it, you must never let it go. Who knows? This guy could be your destiny. You must give him a chance
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Being as a human being God knows better what he thinks. As human being do not have the ability to feel the feel the real thing. For example..... Every thing now in the modern world from needle to Aeroplane. there is manual for everything For example If car is manufactured in Manual they will tell you to run by Petrol or Diesel. so every body should follow the instruction. As this is the example for every thing which is invented we should follow the manual.

Every body knows that Man is the most complicated machine on this earth. So how comes he will be without Manual. Being as Muslim it is not allowed to for any relation which is without marriage. And I am sure every religion have the same rules. That rules are the human manual. We should follow the God rules which is good for human being. as this is describe by the manufacturers.

If you like him first discussed with your parents go for the marriage and spent happy life.
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I have been dating my boyfriend for a few months now. Let me tell you I enjoy him being romantic. He opens doors for me and take me out and spends money on me. I have been with guys who treated me good in the beginning and then end up being nasty towards me.Once you been with someone who treats you bad you never want to go back. So girl, enjoy the love because one day you are going to miss that person. Life is short, as women we deserve more.
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Stay with him if you really love him . Try stay without him for 2 or 3 days .if you miss him you like him.
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Stay with him love . You Never know what could happen the next day . Give him the same kind of love and respect he gives you . As the realationship starts to grow into a couple months maybe a year or so he might get tired of you  ; Keep him interested with the stuff he likes .

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