I Love My Girlfriend So Much But I'm Not Romantic. What Do You Think I Should Do To Show Her I Care?


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Contrary to what you see in the movies, flowers, chocolate and big romantic gestures are not the most important thing in a relationship. If your girlfriend knows you love her, that should be enough. Not all women like their men to be overly romantic anyway.

On the other hand, if your girlfriend is the romantic kind, you could really make her day by doing something sweet for her. If you're not sure whether she likes that kind of thing or not, the best thing you can do is ask her.

Easy Ways To Be Romantic

  • Text her out of the blue to tell her you love her.
  • Hold her hand in public.
  • If you go to see a movie together, pay for her ticket. Don't panic, you don't have to watch a chick-flick with her! There'll usually be something showing that you both want to see. Compromise!
  • Do things together that you wouldn't do with your male friends. That doesn't mean you can't sit and play video games together, but it just might be nice to do something else, too.
  • Make her dinner occasionally. Even something easy like pasta will be appreciated.
  • Show you care: This is more important than any grand gesture you could make. Help her with housework, ask her how she is, and look after her when she's sick.
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It ain't that hard. Put "I love you" on the bathroom mirror. Make a meal once in a while. Walk up to her and give her a bear hug for no reason. There are so many little things. It doesn't aways have to mean roses and chocolates.
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When it comes to love, romance is good but it's not a measure of love. Love is about caring more for the other person than oneself. 

My husband of more than 20 years is not a romantic but I have learned that the things he does for me is how he shows that he cares. The way he works hard even when he would rather call in sick, when he offers to do dishes or helps with laundry because I'm tired. When he goes to the pharmacy to pick up my meds if I'm sick.. And makes me soup.. That he is supportive of anything I do and has my back even when I'm wrong..

It is the everyday things that are the measure of love. What are things like flowers and sweet words? It is the being there everyday that counts most. 

Life is not hearts and flowers.. It is crying babies and dirty dishes that need washing.. And saying you look wonderful when you're having a bad hair day.. It is the ability to stay with someone through reality that is meaningful.
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Since you have already mentioned you love your girl quite a bit..be honest with her and since relationships include give and take...have her show you what she thinks is romantic and try it out on her.

Gives you the chance to learn to please her and her the chance to show you how she likes to be romanced. Communication is a huge factor in a relationship also.
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I mean it's okay that you are not the romantic type but like Math lover said you need to be open with her and let her know that you are not the romantic type - because woman like men to be romantic at times. You don't want her to expect anything that you are not, so just be upfront. Some girls really don't mind it at all.... Hope this helps...
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Lots of people love each other but are not romantic. You can always buy her flowers for no reason at all, maybe make her dinner or a CD of her favorite songs. Those things are romantic.
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It's ok, but make sure your girlfriend doesn't care.
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I see that there are no girls' responses and that all the responses include spending money on a girl. There is more to it than that but I am not sure how to woo me girlfriend. I am struggling with how to be romantic.
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Try a 'scavenger hunt'.  Have a nice outfit laid out on the bed with a note on it asking her to put it on and that her chariot will be awaiting at a certain time.  Have a Limo pick her up and take her to go get her nails, hair, & make-up done, and then have the limo driver take her to a nice restaurant where you'll meet her. If money is tight get her a nice card, light candles, and make her dinner.
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If she likes you for you then that is just fine, but if she wants you to be a little romantic then you should be like that. Flirt with flowers and taking her  to special places!

My last boyfriend was like that and I love that about him!!! My friends don't think he is but I can see it in him!

I hope this helped - and the flowers - depends on certain things!
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Take her to a park or a beach.Sweet-talk to her. Run your fingers softly through her hair.Slowly work her up by gentle touch on her sensitive spots. Kiss her tightly yet soothingly. And above all, think  of her lovingly all the while, inducing her to reciprocate.
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Man, you should walk up to her whenever you see her, and ask her how was your night. She'll then definitely ask you how yours war and you can say, "um, I couldn't sleep - had you on my mind all the time". Be natural - don't try too hard.
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That my friend is just a question you can only answer yourself because you know your girl more than anybody else on this planet.

You know what she likes and what turns her on,what her fantasies are and what she wants from you.Mix all these togher and try come up with a plan on how to make her the happiest girl alive.

Good Luck!
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You can romance your girl is taking her to a dinner and showing her that you love her and care for her.

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