Why Do My Girlfriend And I Argue So Much? We Really Love Each Other.


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Even in the most loving of couples argue from time to time. By far the biggest cause is lack of communication: So many disputes could be avoided if both parties spoke about the issue as soon as it arose. The most common reasons for arguments include jealousy, selfishness, and money.

How To Resolve Conflicts Without Heated Arguments
  • Don't raise your voice if you can help it.
  • Remember, this shouldn't be a head-to-head: Work together. You're not enemies!
  • Try to think very carefully before you speak, and don't say anything that you'll later regret.
  • Compromise.
  • Arguments aren't always black-and-white. Usually, they're big gray areas, and neither party is strictly right or strictly wrong.
  • Don't hold back. Make sure you're honest about what's bothering you. If you let it all out, you'll have a better foundation to build your relationship on.
  • If you're sorry, apologize. Don't wait for your partner to say sorry first.
  • Don't interrupt. Listen to what your girlfriend has to say.
  • Try not to make accusations; start with "I feel" or "I think" rather than diving right in with "you're too controlling."
  • Remember what you're arguing for - you're not trying to win, you're trying to resolve an issue in your relationship. It can be hard to keep this in mind in the heat of an argument, but it's very important that you do.
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Conflict may be amongst the relationship because lack of communication. However, relationships goes through ups and downs but if you find that all you both do is argue and have conflict and friction then analyze the relationship. Sit down with her and try to got some type of motive going. Ask some questions, like...What can we do to make the relationship better? Do we need more communication? You'll can work it out. Remember, you love her and she loves you...Always remember that. Although I don't care what people may say, love doesn't solve conflict or problems...  You have to have some form of understanding that's their. Its a 50 50 situation, give as well as take. So, in conclusion. Sit her down and talk to her in a respectful way and see what the 2 of you'll can do to get this relationship where it should be. Now it isn't going to be easy..Its going to take some time and effort, but if you both are willing to make that sacrifice then I guarantee you, it will succeed. I wish you both the best. Good luck!
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Just remember that old saying true love never runs smooth. Ee all need to get things out in the open. If we didn't, things would fester and in time you would resent each other. Try and look at it as a lovers' tiff , it could be that you are both too much alike and just clash sometimes.

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