Why Does My Girlfriend Want To Argue All The Time?


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sarah feagans Profile
sarah feagans answered
Maybe she wants attention or maybe she just wants to talk, if so then sit down and listen,try not to argue or raise your voice because it might make her seem frustrated when she wants you to listen to her oh and try to understand the problem (if there is one) through her eyes and perspective
Jojo A. Profile
Jojo A. answered

It's usually conflicting when expectation exceeds reality

shannon ostrander Profile
What does she argue about?
Samantha Jones Profile
Samantha Jones answered
She probably needs more attention or maybe she is just trying to tell you she does not like you anymore or maybe it's that time of the month for her....Hard to say. Just remember life is short.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Either she's looking for your attention in an arguing ways or trying to pick a point with you so she can break off .
Elhana Harman Profile
Elhana Harman answered
Maybe she doesnt mean to keep argueing, she may just be fustrated and is taking it out on you because you are the only one really their for her

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