I love a girl who's no one other than my best friend ! what if our friendship gets over because of me proposing her ? i really have no idea what to do ? I had girlfriends before but never felt that good and romantic when I'm next to her !


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When I was in your place, I talked to them about it. The first time we had a long conversation and decided together that it wouldn't be a good thing for either of us because of timing. Later when the timing was better, we did go out for awhile and realized we were better friends. He was a true friend so it never affected our friendship in the long run.

The second time, we talked about it and decided to try it out. We lasted a week and decided we didn't feel that way about each other after all.

I'd consider your options, make a plan, and talk to her about it. You could decide your next course of action together. If she is a true bestie she will understand, and stick around even if you decide not to date. I hope it works out for you! Good luck!

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Cookie Roma answered

If you two are just friends, why would you propose to her? 

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You talk about it .. Like grown ass individuals.  THEN you decide if you prefer to engage in a romantic relationship or remain as friends.

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