My mum won't let me sleep over at my best friend's because she's a Muslim. She is nice and my family is strong pentecostal. We get along so well and I love her for who she is. Now my over religious mom is trying to ruin our friendship. What do I do?


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Taylor Brookes answered

Try asking your mum why she doesn't want you to stay over. Maybe if you can explain to her that whatever it is she's worried about won't happen, she might feel better about you going there. It might also be a good idea to have both of your families meet up for a day. Then she can see that they are nice people and might let you stay over there. 

If that doesn't work, maybe suggest that your friend stays with you for a night. That will show her that you are really good friends, and that your friend is a nice person. I hope it goes well for you :)

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Jojo A. answered

Ask her what she is afraid of. Muslim's are very family oriented and treat guests in the highest regard. You will learn about a different culture that doesn't mean you will be forced to join their belief. They are respectable people.

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