My Boyfriends Best Friend Is In Love With My Boyfriend How Do I Get Rid Of Her. ?! She Doesn't Like Me And Always Tries To Make Me Jealous


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jackie answered
You cannot be the one to get rid of her..HE would have to get rid of her..but does he like her? If not I wouldn't worry about it....she can't get him if he exclusively likes the meantime don't let her get to confidance..shes actually the one jealous because you have him!  Good luck
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If your boyfriend is worth it, he will respect your feelings and give you the time you need with him.  Try talking to him and expressing your concern.  You probably have already tried that.  But he should put you first not her.  Yes, they are friends but you are his girl.  He should at least make the effort to try and involve you both in activities you can all hang out together.  I wouldnt expect him to not be friends with her any more.  That isn't fair.  But he needs to put your needs first.  If he can't, then hes not worth the time and stay strong because you can do better.  You deserve to be treated like a queen.  don't settle for less.  Because things will get worse and you will be stuck in a situation that is very hard to get out of.  Think about things.

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