Is He Trying To Make Me Jealous Or Is He Just That Unempathetic?


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Why does it matter?  You are now in a different relationship, and people know about the way partners act after a breakup, so you don't need to worry about it as long as you haven't done anything wrong.  The more you think about this, the more it will affect your current relationship.
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In my experience he thought you would wait for him to come back  now he feels threatened that you didnt want anything to do with him,, when he thought he might be able to get you back he want to be friendly now he knows he can't have you
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You need to cut off contact with this ex. The idea that "We can be friends" is largely a myth. How would you feel if the guy you are dating wanted to meet for drinks with an old girlfriend? Or was calling to tell her about his day? Your ex is an ex for a reason...It didn't work! The fact that he is acting like a jerk now that you've met someone, says one thing, he's a jerk. You need time AND space for the past to become history. Also, the two of you are not the only people involved. Whether you like it or not, the girl he is seeing is a person with feelings and does not deserve this disrespect from either of you. The same goes for the guy you are seeing.
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It all has to do with jealousy. He's jealous that you probably have someone better than him and wants to make you feel bad for him breaking up with you and wants you to feel like the whole break up was all your fault. Apparently it's his loss. If you did find someone better don't pay attention to him anymore. But if you're not over him, you never will get over him. It's just a trap. So if you're happy with the guy you are with now. Why should it matter if you're wanting to talk to your ex? Move on with your life and be happy don't go back to the past. I learned that the hard way but I moved on and I'm very happy right now. 
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Yes, he is trying to make you jealous. He probably feels like it is okay for him to go out and be with another girl because your with another guy. But deep down you feel like you want to be with him and he feels the same. If he's acting like this he is trying to get your attention and bring up the subject with him so he knows you care. Don't let him get to you. If he wants to act this way stop talking to him in the end you make yourself happy and, if your happy with your boyfriend forget about this other guy because later your new guy will get jealous of the old guy. It's another world in these guys heads. Be strong.
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He probably hates the fact and in turn hating you. It could be painfull breaking up
He is doing this because he still has feeling for you but like a typical guy he is not going to make the move on you. So of course he will start saying very means things to you . And also do not let him do that to you. Cause remember he broke up with you
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He just doesn't want you to be happy and kind of trying to make you feel that he can still control your life and make you miserable. Just avoid him and be confident, if possible also avoid common friends for a while.
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I think that he is trying to make you jealous. He is probably trying to make you jealous because he misses you and he thinks that if he tell you or show you that hes doing good with some one else then you will miss him like he miss you but he would not tell you unless you ask him about it or he probably would not because hes afraid to tell you how he feel...
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Men are men and boys are boys they will do and say anything to make them feel better now that you to are not together he feels mad because you found something new n better for you tell him to get over it and grow up because really you don't have time to worry bbout ppl like him
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I know how you feeel I was exactly in the same situation before. He was trying to make you jelous and wasnt expecting you to move on. So he thought that making you jelous woould make him feel like confident and think that he was the only one for you. Once you got a boyfriend you basically pissed him off because he wasnt expecting your move thats just a typicall guy for you.
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First of all I think that the 2 of you are doing the same thing,because if your done with someone your done and there is no need to tell him that you are in another realationship,also there is no need to call him . Seems to me that you want something out of telling him that you have someone else,because he does
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Most likely, this guy still has feelings for you and is still uncomfortable seeing you with someone else. He isn't trying to make YOU jealous. He is the one that is jealous because he is insecure with you dating another man.
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He is upset. By you dating another man it leaves him without any options if his new relationship doesn't work out so why should he still be nice to you. If he was only trying to make you jealous he wouldn't have broken up with you he would have just started talking to other females in front of you.
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If you have high self esteem none of that would matter plus no one would be able to make you jealous, so take this time to build up that self esteem and keep it moving forward always never turn back, life does not go backward always forward...the best to you
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He feels threatened since you have another man in your life he expected you to still want him and he shows you that by bein a jerk   

p.s I still talk to my current ex  what you can't be friends or talk afterwards  I don't see a problem    but why would you share info about who you like
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I went through the same thing with my ex. YES he was trying to get you jealous, now what pissed him off was that you as well moved on. Hes probaly just as jealous as he tryed makeing you. He is just really mad because it back fired him!! I would just leave him alone let him cool off. And if yall were truly in love, you guys will do anything to get back together(:
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He is insecure with you and wants you to know how desirable he is, the HOT COMMODity! Lol He knows your hot that's why he shuts you down. Ignore him and make him beg! Tell him the line starts where again? Here I can make some room..... Lol
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Lena JH
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Lol I was thinking that but I wasn't sure if that was just my ego or not. Thanks I like your answer
Steven Vakula
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All you have to do is look in the mirror LadyLena! Your not blind and can see very well I assume! ;)
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I think at first , he was hoping that dating another girl would make you realize what your missing, but I think when he found out that you were dating yourself, he probably thought that you moved on and got even angrier so he's taking it out on
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He probrably still likes you and not admitting it to you and wants to go out with you
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I think he is rude and insensitive.  Pardon me.
I have a game plan.  Next time he starts talking about those girls, look at him as if what he is telling you is a very interesting story.  But act really phony so he will react. Use that to open the communication about what he is doing.  Ask him why he does that.  Then tell him what you feel whenever he says that.  Let him know that it doesn't help your relationship.  Good luck, kid. 
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Lol. I don't even know what to ask though. Do I ask, "Why are you telling me that?" I don't know....
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You'll know what to ask when the time comes.
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Well if hes doing that it might mean that hes just a little jealous or that he just felt a little sorry for you but whatever the case you should sit and talk to him about it
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Because you were available to him, now you r not, so he knows you moved on, let him move on, sounds like a jerk anyway, just ignore him.
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First of all you are better than that!!! So, don't give him the satisfaction of letting him know he is bothering you. Secondly, if you are with another guy so, you don't need him.
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He is the jealous one. Tou know the old saying, want your cake and eat it too. Don't talk to him for awhile, see what happens. Pay more attention to the your new man, it might pay off.
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It's obvious he is jealous though he expressed it the mean way to you. Yeah so ppl know how ppl broke up and get angry, sad, all those mixed up feelings built up.
So, move on and ignore him. He is only bringing you down.
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First of all do you have children with this man? If not why the heck worry about it I don't want to sound rude but there is apparently a reason you are not together any more and I am sorry but some people are just to darn immature I can not label a man or a woman being this way cause we all do it to some degree. My little story is I was with my husband for 8 years and now we are getting divorced he has someone I have someone my case I have to put up with him cause of our kids and when they are with him and I ask what they are doing he says oh they are with "C" thinking it will make me jealous or mad, but the thing is I left him for cheating with this girl and for that he wants to try to make my life a living hell even though he is the one who cheated but it doesn't matter to me he made his decisions he don't want me happy unless I was with him and he will keep trying til he gets tired of trying so don't respond to him in any manner what so ever he isn't worth it. Live your life for yourself and the new guy you are with if he makes you happy like mine makes me and my children happy then there shouldn't be anything else you should worry about laugh it off sometimes I know it may be hard but it will benefit you in the end. And he will continue to look like the butt he is making himself out to be.
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I would have to say he still has feelings for you and the reality of a breakup isn't set in 100% till you see them with another person. If he doesnt let you move on with your life which you have let him do then he is just being an immature dick that doesnt understand the complexities of post- breakup relationships. I would say you should stay away from your Ex if you are truly over him and have moved on in life. Some people breakup and become friends one reason is because if they encounter them often and to avoid awkward feelings and another reason is to leave a little window open where you can slip right back into that persons life. If you are done with him your done otherwise why would you 2 break up? Even though It doesnt make sense people do it all they time.
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That is the beginning of the abuse cycle, you need to get out of this relationship. I have long suffered in an abusive relationship, and have tried to leave, but in the long run, I get suckered into coming back, but that is because there are children involved. You don't have children, so get out now please.
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I'm sorry to hear about your past relationship. You're right, I don't have children with him and we're not married. I don't think he's being abusive but I promise at the first sign of trouble I will leave!
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Sweetie, I do know, this is the first sign of abuse, go to a couple of groups just to listen to what the women say there please.
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I believe he is being mean to you now that you r dating sum1 else is because he is jealous of you, maybe you gave him the impression that he was everything to you, but now that you have probably moved on, he can't face the fact that maybe he doesnt mean that much to you like he did before, ignore him and live your life gyal.
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You should move on with your life and let him be a jerk on his own.if he is going out with someone tell her what a jerk he is (evidence would help e.g texts,emails,letters) anything that could prove to her what a jerk he is. Get on with your life and let him go.don't let him get to as this could ruin your relationship with your current boyfriend.
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He is no longer a part of your life, and anyway 2many guys feel like they are untouchable...they're very arrogant and tend to think that you women need them in your lives, that they're the beginning and the end...I'm a guy, its in my blood....but my advice to you is to just move on since you're not the one with the issue here..don't make his problems your problems...and also, don't try too hard to mend what's already broken...The guy you're with now will think you can't let go..
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You already broke up with him n are into an other relationship, he broke up with you n is with another gal. You r supposed to b happy with your present partner n forget about your past. Y do you care about him n da way he behaves. You r not clear with yourself about him. You still love him? You still want him to come back to you? Better forget about past n try to keep yourself happy with your present partner n make him happy. Don't spoil your relationship with him. Did you ever think how will your present partner react if he comes to know that you r still worried about your so called jerk
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I think you are both having self-denials..

You both have new relationships, why experiencing such childish act.. Maybe you haven't move on yet..

Think about it..maybe you still love each other but you both think that it was a traumatic experience when you broke up.. It is a hindrance of getting back to relationship again.
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He just want you to crave for him as he think he can have many girlfriends and you cannot have a friend other than him. If you people really don't like each other than you can ignore him, tell your boyfriend, tell your local police station. Pick whichever option suits your situation.
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I went through this, cut him off and reject him when he asks for you back. Because he deserves it. Still be there for him like a friend would, because its shows that you cared about him and always will, but don't let him know hes getting to you, I think its best you make him jealous and let time run its course. Live your life girl, do what you want.

The boy that did that to me came back after 3 years. Yeh, it was a long wait, but here in a few months you probley wont think about him all that much, maybe here and there if you really love him, but you'll have all kinds of other stuff to keep your mind off of him.
You know what they say if you love em let em go, if it was meant to be they will return.
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You know gurl what really hurts a true lover talking about your x boyfriend I know he is a hurted you just call him talk to him in a very romantic way have some romantic date and dinner and tell him that was a past and you feel sorry for that and now you love him so much and lets forget all that crap.
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He could be trying to make you jealous, or trying to reassure you he isn't interested in others either way it sounds fishy keep your eyes pealed.
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Well to tell you the truth,I have a bf in my school too,He loves me very much and he is my first bf so I have not encounter any problems like sorry I can't help you
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Okay look you now have a guy that you like so what if your old one is being rude just don't pay attention to him just live your own life and let him live his hope I helped
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Because he is jelous of you!
He upset you have found someone you really love just say to him
"HEY , I know you not happy about with me with someone else but its life DEAL WITH IT"
if it gets any worse tell someone......anyone
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I don't know why you still have communication or interaction with him after the both of you have broken up and in different relationships.  If you do not entertain any of his calls from here on he will not be able to reach you to be mean to you.
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I think he is trying to make you jealous. Not to hurt you or anything, but I'm 9 and I know a lot about this stuff. Sorry, girl but my advice is give him a taste of this own meds.
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Just ignore him and put your attention to your new new relationship. You should try to stay away from him. I agree that sometimes you should be friends with your ex but only if they are wiling to put your old relationship behind yall.
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Well my ex used to do that to me so I confronted him and he never really did it again so maybe you need to just ask him if he is trying to make you jelous or what!!!
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You're right, I could ask him, but I like figuring out things on my own ...well kinda, since I'm on here asking for help: )
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Just ignore him and enjoy your life with your present relationship. Once you are out of any relationship, you are not bound to  be with them. Just move on and ignore him completely.

Asian Girls
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I think he is but it is just my opinion, I have had this happen to a very good friend of mine and I talked to the guy and he told me that he was trying to make my friend jealous, so I think well maybe you should either talk to him or ignore the whole thing and move on with your life. Hope this helps!
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I think he'd rather felt something to regret in the relationship, or just playing drama on you. And I think at this moment you need to figure out what is his true feeling on yo, (of cause, if you still care about him.) and then give the judgement, whether you two can keep a new relationship. But I think in most cases he is not trustworthy, It can be depended on how he treated you after he knows... I mean, if he really care about you and felt for regret, he'll be gentle to you, and will say sorry....
This is what I think about it, and my advises.
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He is not trying to make you jealous but wants to embarrass you for you to return to the relationship
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He's probably doing this because now hes jealous that you found someone else and he still wants you.
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He's actually trying to get over you believe it or not, because he is obviously hurting inside......
He broke up with why he want to get mad now....he should kept you when he had happy with who you are with now...don't worry about what he is saying
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It's called love hurt.
Not wanting to admit to his feelings and now he is nasty to  you to justify the hurt.
That's all it is and oh yes it hurts badly.
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Best thing to do is like a lot have said cut off all contact with this ex because from experience you can never be friends with them its just never the same once you have been out with someone
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No reaction is the best reaction, if you give him a reaction you just going to stroke his ego, and he would want to do more
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Do you still care? If he is trying to make you jealous the best thing you can do is act as if you could not care less. That will certainly make him think twice about making you jealous.
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Don't let it bother you. If you are in a relationship now why let an ex boyfriend ruin your happiness. You never know this guy could be your true love.don't pass it up. Let your ex get what he deserves.
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Can't he just accept that you have moved on! The relationship obviously didnt work between you two, and now you have a new boyfriend. Hes the jealous one sweetie! Just ignore the comments and just get on with your life with your new bf :) x
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Jealousy is a major factor in relationships that had breaking points, Honestly he probably does still like you making sure that he uses other girls to make you jealous and is just scared to come out and say "I still love you", If he is being mean to you it could be him flirting in a more meaner way ( which guys tend to do), to get him to stop simply tell him to stop treating you like that. You also say you have a new boy friend, that could also be why he's coming back, he sees that you have moved on and didn't want that, unlike other people I'm not going to say "leave him" or "loose contact" and I'm not saying that to be mean, you need to find how the two of you really feel, remember any relationship has to be equal and can't have one person loving the other person more. And if you love this new guy, and he loves his new girl, then y'all shouldn't have a problem and y'all should be able to move on.

Hope I helped and good luck
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He's jealous and he's not over you. However, it's not worth going back to that relationship. I mean if it didn't work out once, then why go back and try again when you could have the same outcome. I would be happy with your new guy and just ignore him because you wouldn't want go through another heart ache again. Just do whatever makes you happy and be strong. That's all that matters :D
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First of all, you shouldn't even think about why is he doing that to you because you are now happy with where you are right?? Obviously, this ex Bf of yours is just being selfish, he doesn't want you anymore but he doesn't want you to be happy with someone else either. He seems to be "lost" and doesn't know what and who he really likes. Don't waste your time on him, focus instead on your new guy and let this ex BF figure things out by himself. Don't even be surprised why he is being rude to you. Remember that he broke up with you already right?That should make you forget about him and whatever it is that he wants to do in his life is his choice, you've got nothing to do with it. So just simply IGNORE. ;p
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He is doing it to ruin your relationship probably because he regrets dumping you...and wants you to be as sad as he is because he made the wrong choice in dumping you...but I wouldnt let change in mood bother you....You should be happy with the guy you have now and maybe unlike your ex the guy you have now will realize before its too late what a great thing he has while he has it. (:
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I think he might have thought he had a chance or something, because he seems angry like you done something wrong, and when a boy I liked got a girlfriend, but was flirting with me before, I just talked and hangout with him less, but he tried and made a effort not to loss contact.

Anyways you have a boyfriend now if you like him more forget about this guy if not do the right thing and don't use him (I'm not saying you are btw)

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Perhaps your ex is still attracted to you, if he was only nice before when he didn't think you had a boyfriend and he's a jerk now it's possible he's jealous. But to be sure he's not acting like a friend at all. You should give better information when wanting people to answer questions. Was he your friend when you both broke up? People tend to be asses sometimes after breakups for no reason. He's the one who broke up with you though, so it's his loss and don't you have a new boyfriend? Why should you care?
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Because some people are too egoistic and instead of just admitting that they miss you they want to act all stupid....frankly don't bother thinking about this guy and get him out of your life the most you can cause if he is acting like this now no telling how stupid he can act later...Classic case of you REALIZATION OF WHAT HE HAD.....POW!!!!!!
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He's probably mad that you can get better people....nd that he is not the only person that can love you.,...he probably tried to make you jealous....but once you got another boyfriend he got mad....hes a jerk so move happy...I mean life is short.....chill...:)

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It shouldnt matter if hes tryin to make you jealous...... If you don't like him you don't like him..... If your with another guy and you like the guy you r with then don't listin to the other guy he broke up with you so thats his loss not urs..... :)
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He is doing this to make you feel guilty that the relationship ended a lot of guys do that. Honestly I wouldnt worry about him he is not your responsibility anymore
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No one can make you jealous...You are responsible for your own feelings.  Let him go, as I see you already have.  Why would you want to go back to him?  You bothy have moved on...I agree...Let It Go
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You shouldn't really let it get to you !! Guys are weird in someways and in this case it sounds like you were his fall back just in case his girlfriend fell through just ignore what he says because you've started over so he needs to let you go!!
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He is defiantly trying to make you jealous it was okay when he was dating someone so you would want him back but it makes him upset when your dating someone.
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Boys express their feelings in different way than girls, but if he is so mean to you, that means he never respects you, so find a better guy out there, why bother to about him?, I mean you broke with him so he's out of your life.
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Cause he doesnt like the fact that your not with him an you like someone else an not him:)   also he knows that he was wrong for breaking up with you...if he trys to come back don't let him!!!play hard to get;)
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Ok so you still like him??? Cus it looks like you guys need to talk about it... And don't tryp about him if you left him get over it and be HAPPY with the guy you have rite now

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