Why is my daughter's father against me breastfeeding her? All he's said is that it's not fair that I ALWAYS get to feed her. Is he jealous or something? I don't understand why he wouldn't want what's best for her.


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Why can't he feed her? You pump your breast milk don't you? Find a bottle that the baby likes, and let him use that with your breast milk, that way dad can bond with baby too, and baby still gets breast milk. A lot of men enjoy feeding their babies too, nothing wrong with it. Sorry DWW and Tyto, but I respectfully disagree.

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I hope this is true question. I do agree men need to bond with their babies but any man acting jealous in any way just gives me ill feelings about him. Sure he needs parenting skills :))
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No I never was a dad but I would love to be a dad. Growing up my dad was never there for me and he never partake in anything - my mom was all on her own:))
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Well, changing diapers comes with the territory! Lol! I just think dad's need to be involved in every aspect of a child's upbringing, from feeding and diapers to discipline....which there seems to be a lack of these days.
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He's jealous and feels neglected which tends to happen when women give birth. So pay him some attention and he'll be fine.

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