What's The Best Way To Get My Girlfriend In The Mood?


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Start by seriously kissing her.  Try to reach in and mingle your tongues as you kiss.  You will see that she will start to respond to you.  Don't just grab but gently brush her breasts with your hands.  One way I've never stopped is when he reaches to pull me closer he rubs my breasts as he moves his hands.  If there is little resistance to this cup a breast in your hand and gently squeeze.  As this becomes accepted then try to get her puppies loose.  Don't make a big production just lift her bra out of the way.  If this isn't stopped by your date she is as willing as she is going to get.  Just don't go crazy.  Reach down and rub her groin.  If in jeans try to unzip them if in a dress try to slip around her panties if she's wearing any.  If she hasn't stopped you by now she isn't going to.  I know the first time I saw a mans thing I was terrified.  So don't get foolish.  I she tries to touch it let her go and keep doing whatever has gotten her in the mood.  Soon enough if all of this is clicking you will get to home base.  Don't try the BJ thing until the two of you are more comfortable togather.   It's best if you make her happy first.  I know it left me ready to do anything.  Then go for it.
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I don't think u should let a boy touch your dick until 13. You can touch her butt at any age it always gets me in the mood when a boy that isn't my bf touches my boobs and usually I'll help him by pulling my shirt off I always let him push my bra up. It feels really nice when a guy touches ALL of my body parts . When I'm in the mood I let I'm lick whatever he wants and kiss whatever he want s .if I'm in a really good mood i all let him put his thing on/in whatever he wants.
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Oh, boy.  Well.  Girls are tough for guys to get because guys have a really high connection between thinking about sex and getting physically turned on.  But in girls that connection isn't very strong.  They can think all day about sex without getting wet.  So in order for that process to start, you're probably going to have to touch her.  That's why a backrub is good, because you get the chance to touch some minor erogenous zones (the small of the back, the waist, the hips, the back of the neck, and the shoulders) and show her how gentle and firm your hands are.  All the while, make your intentions known.  This is done well by establishing a romantic atmosphere (you flowers and candles people, you know what it's about) and by touching her softly and whispering little romantic nothings in her ear (the little puffs of air against her ear are also helpful in turning her on).

There are also certain things you do that turn your girlfriend on, and you might not even be aware of them.  For example, my girlfriend gets giggly when I look at her a certain way, and I didn't even know I was doing it the first time.  Spreading yourself out naked on the bed may seem like a good idea, but I bet you have a pair of boxers or a particular shirt that she really likes to see on you before they come off.  She may like it when you speak in a particular tone of voice, or sing a song.

The key to getting a girl in the mood is to establish physical and emotional intimacy.  So share your heart with her, tell her how much you love her while your fingers caress her, and let her open up before diving into the hot and heavy stuff.

Hope that helps.
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Wow! There are a lot of people who sound like they know what they are talking about. All you have to do is take her to dinner or a movie. Then you take her to your house.  Take her to your room with the door open so she wont feel uncomfortable then just start by kissing her then if she starts kissing back then that's the signal to close the door. Close the door then if she wants to have sex then she'll either lay on the bed or she turn the lights down or off. Then just do what ever feels natural.
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Pay close attention first be real casual talk her into watching a funny movie with you you have got to sit in the floor and watch the movie have her sit between your legs midways into the movie play with her hair gently stroke her earlobe kiss on her neck she will say stop and to watch the movie so ease up don't be to aggressive then you pick it up again this time touch her breasts and kiss her neck trust me she will respond to you and you will both be having that later on smoke
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  • Listen to her body language and listen to her verbally

  • Surprise her with something special. Maybe a poem you wrote for her. If you are not writer get her a card or flowers

  • Take it slow

  • Find something to make her laugh
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That's a tricky question, because certain things "do it" for certain people. You might just have to see what works for you and her. Did you try rubbing her in certain places while kissing? Maybe you should try asking her if she has any sweet spots or asking her what she would like you to do with her one day.
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Boy.... If she's in the mood and you touch her she will touch you back. If you want to wait for her then wait.
Like usual activities; touching, kissing will turn someone on if they're interested. Be friendly first! Back off if you see signs. I wouldn't want a guy to keep forcing me.
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give her tequila, show her pictures and talk about someone that you know gets her in the mood.

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One very important and Very good way of getting a girl into the mood is to start out by complimenting her. Start out simply such as, "I like your outfit", but don't sound too fake. Then, converse back and forth about things you have in common. Once you feel that she likes you and that you are more comfortable with each other start flirting. Touch each others hands a little bit at a time and laugh. When you are both ready and you know that it is time, start out by touching her leg or her arm. Then you can get more advanced and start kissing her telling her that you love her. Continue with this and you might get her where you want her at.
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Um, set up a romantic dinner with candles and rose peddles, and then put a blind fold over her eyes, lead her to the bed(make sure the bed has rose peddles on the bed, and candles around the room) and then do your thing

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