Does My Boyfriend Really Like Me?


7 Answers

destinee mathers Profile
I'm so confused all my friends boyfriends are really touchy feely and all cuddly and then my boyfriend is not like at all is he not in to me or does he just not like to be all close?????
Marasel Garcera Profile
Marasel Garcera answered
You have to see if he is into you like does he hug you take you on dates ect.
claire-daw dawing Profile
I hope it is..
Brittany ffdsgg Profile
Brittany ffdsgg answered
Well, it depends what he acts like around you. Does he act different around his friends than he does you? If you really want to know just ask him if anything is wrong between you and him!
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Anonymous answered
You should meet. You probably won't be able to tell if he's being honest if its not face to face, Try to be careful becasue he could have a girlfriend, don't let him break your heart.

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