How Do I Know If I Am A Good Kisser?


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You'll never really "know" if you are a good kisser until you do it! The person might even tell you if you're a good kisser. If they dump you because you are not a good kisser, then they are a waste of your time. They should like you no matter if you are or aren't a good kisser! Just take it slow by kissing on the lips first. If you are nervous about "making out" just tell the person it's your first time or you are nervous. They will understand. And if they don't, ditch them! Kissing is not everything in a real relationship!
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I say if you're nervous just take it very slow and try for a slow sweet kiss-just lips, no tongue. If you guys have a connection you guys will work your way into it.
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Totally agreed - slow ans passionate the better.. No rushing and slobbering
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I like this answer!!
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Ok i just had my first kiss 2 days ago on june 8th and it was with the guy i wanted it with....but he will not tell me if i was good or not.....wat should i do?should i go up to him and ask face to face?or just leace him alone?and i love this answer
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you will probably know if you're a good kisser if the person you're kissing wants to keep kissing you.Ask your friends to show you what to do/how to do it.
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A kiss is a kiss. I never heard of anyone who is a bad kisser. LadyLena is right. Do it slow and let the guy do the rest.....
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Hmmm...well. One way: If you get compliments on it, then you're a good kisser.

But, since you're still a little behind from that point, all I can say is there's no definite way to figure it out. Test is out. Use your index finger as an indicator and kiss it. (I found it is a test technique off the internet) Or as someone said before, ask your friends for a demonstration. Or if you're daring, see if one of your friends is willing to be a test...'dummy', if you will.

Overall, though. You'll never find out till you actually do it.
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Well, a good thing to do is watch it in the movies. You want soft dry lips, but not chapped. You want clean teeth and fresh breath. You also want it to be with the right person SO BE PICKY. Its YOUR first kiss, it means something, don't go throwing it to the wind with any old body. You don't need to use your tongue (open mouth) at the very first moment. When that time is right if you very gently kiss with your lips together, at the very beginning, then open your lips just a tiny bit, then as you are going along you can slip your tongue in just a little bit, not too much. One thing that is very important is that whoever you are going to kiss be 1) KISS WORTHY, and also 2) they should know it is your first time and this should mean something to them. They should be understanding without any chance at all of you being laughed at or made to feel uncomfortable, or pushed past the kissing phase.
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Practice on a pillow or on your hand that's old school way but it might work. but if you don't want to do old school and if you have a boyfriend already ask him if you want to kiss or just go for it ,it's really easy just push your lips together and peck his lip.
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Never ask a guy if you can kiss them.... just go for it! they don't like it when you ask because they think "if you really wanted to kiss me, why didn't you just do it?"
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Hey star,'French kiss' will always work,try it,just lock his lips with yours and feel his tongue with your tongue..while kissing hug him deeply to show your affection..chew some mint before going to kiss. This will definitely help you.
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Um no. Dude or relationship will end shortly. Unless you like french kissing. But start slowly with a NORMAL kiss
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Ok,so its your first kiss. Well,first of all you need to make sure your not extremely nervous,because that could lead to you biting his/her tongue ect. Secondly,you must make sure they are ready for this kiss,maybe its even better if they make the first move cause you don't want it backfiring on you. The first thing to do,is,when your going for the kiss,look into his/her eyes,then slowly kiss their lips. Pull back a little,not too far away,and look at them,if they seem ok&wana keep going,follow the next instructions,but if they seem shocked,angry or uncomfortable,abort the kiss. Ok,after the friendly peck on the lips,lean back in and kiss him/her twice, then go in for the big one (snog,french kiss,whatever you call it). Slightly open your mouth when kissing him/her and insert your tongue into his/her mouth,do the letters A,B&C with your tongue,and see where his/her tongue is going. Try not to ram your tongue too far down their throat. After the kiss,smile and hug him/her. Oh and two more 'must do' tips is make sure you brushed your teeth and used mints before the kiss. Second tip,(if your a girl kissing a boy) put your arms round his neck,while french kissing him. Or(if your a boy kissing a girl) put one hand on her hip,and one cupping her face.
Good Luck, X
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Why worry? Is someone likes you it wont make any diffrence and you will get better with practice. Saying that make sure you are ready before engaging in any kind of activity.
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Do the apple test. Take abite of an apple and then see how much juice and whatnot is left on the apple... That will determine how well you kiss
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I love kissing, it's adorable. My first kiss was with the boy I'd loved all my life, I was about 13 at the time. The first was just a quick gentle kiss and I pulled away looking at him. He smiled so it was obvious he wanted to continue and if you feel comfortable, you can. The second kiss was the type of one where your lips move together without any tongue, my fave ^_^
Just relax and I'm pretty sure everything will be fine. :)
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Take the top piece of a herry if you know what I mean!that long string you hold that is on top of a cherry and try to tie it with your tounge ONLY!!!if you can do it quick then you are!that is just life!or if you make of with your lover then theyll tell you if you are and that is another way!
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Did he come back for another kiss? If so, then you probably are.

I know this may seem awkward, but you can simply ask the guy you kissed if there is anything that you could make your kissing better. This sounds positive, you are reaching out to him, and if he cares about you, he'll answer honestly.
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Best way NOT to mess it up is to take it slow and not try to "rush" into the "movie star" kiss immediately when starting to kiss. Just start with your mouth slightly open to feel him out, and see if he is kissing mouth open or closed. (Nothing more embarrassing then started tight lipped and going in for the kiss, only to have your lips go straight into his mouth....yes, that is what happened to me)

If his lips are closed, then close yours gently, and kiss. Then go back for more and feel it out again.

Good luck.

(And be sure you share this with someone you won't regret... You may remember it forever)
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I was so nervous wen I first kissed mi nd him just kissed..but I did it quickly..makeing him want more..but I didnt give in...if you do tht nd if he/she wants more..then you r a good kisser...nd its fun to tease boys!

I hope this helps....
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Lol ive always dreamed of my first kiss... Hasnt happened yet, but I always imagined it in a romantic in my neighborhood, there is this wooden pavillion on the lake surrounded by trees. Me and my guy friend (who I actually REALLY like A LOT) always bike ride there an skip rocks on the lake or talk...but one day when he realizes that I'm the one, and there is a beautiful sunset, and nothing to worry about, we'll lean in...and the next thing you know, we're making out and enjoying the crazy sensation of kissing
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Don't worry about it, I worried about the same thing, but turns out I didnt need to

good or bad kisser your personality should sweep them of their feet :)

Good Luck!
(its not as scary as it seems :)

- Erica
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Well girls can be bitches they would soon tell you if you are a bad kisser you must be doing ok considering you have heard nothing and blokes don't know how to keep their mouths shut either so I would say your cool
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Well some people think that if you can tie a lol-lie snake in your mouth with your tongue then yes !! You could try that!
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What every you do do not ask your boy friend if your a good kisser if he keeps kissing you he likes it
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Don't think about it just do it the way you think that kissing should be like that. Everyone is different. You learn from your mistakes. And usually when a guy thinks you kiss well he'll let you know.
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Thats a hard question I guess you would have to find out by kissing a lot of diffrent guys and get there opion
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Well what you do is eat a lot of onions, and chicken pot pie the night an morning before. Then before you kiss the person offer some of you chicken pot pie, and onions to them to see if they are hungry. Then what you do is get up and dance a little, like do the shimmy shimmy to the left then to the right then sit down. This will get your lover exited. Then you tell them you like thier pants, and when they look down at the pants you just complimented, you very quickly kiss them on the forehead, so when they come back up they look confused. When the person asks you what just happened you say that you like thier forehead, and then you lunge you head forward and kiss them, Make sure to lick thier whole face, and thier neck, and then suck on thier nose. They WILL LOVE IT. I swear it will work like a charm.
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Or you could eat a lot of cheese, because cheese is so good you wont want to kiss anyone all you will want to do is eat lots'o cheeeeeese. Mmmmm i think im gunna go eat some now. You wanna come? Of course you don't because you arn't here with me.. Ok cheese party by myself.
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Or you can practice on several dolphins, because they get sexual pleasure the same way that humens do, so it will be mutual.
LuLu nun of your biz
Gross sicko he/or she never had a kiss before they dont want go seduce the other person u perv
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Ask your mom if you can kiss her and get her to rate you out of ten

or try a dog thats what I did and my dog told me I was really good

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