Why Is It That I Cant Get Over My Ex Boyfriend Who Cheated On Me And Is Now Dating Some Other Girl?


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Fred Jones Profile
Fred Jones answered
You still desire him because he is not showing any remorse for what he has done and you want to think that he still cares about you. It is very common and there is no solution other than time and the realization that he was not worth your time anyway. You will not help him see what he has lost by direct contact. What you need to do is to move on and forget about him, then see if he tries to keep close contact when you begin seeing other people. Of course, by that time, you will understand and not want him back so he will begin to feel the pain you feel now.
Hera Kalaydjian Profile
Hera Kalaydjian answered
Because he has touched you in different ways that nobody else has..it's normal..you'll forget him when you meet someone else who deserves it..don't worry..

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