Why Will My Boyfriend Only Text Me?


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It's very unusual that your boyfriend is only texting you instead of calling you up or making other efforts to communicate with you.

There could be a couple of reasons he's acting this way - and some of those are pretty shocking! 

Why your boyfriend only texts you 
One possible reason that he's not calling you up is that he doesn't have enough credit on his phone. 
Messages are a lot cheaper than phone calls, so maybe he's just short of funds...

If you're pretty certain that he's got enough credit on his phone, then maybe he's just avoiding calling you or meeting up with you because he's shy. 
Texting or messaging on a computer creates a sort of barrier - perhaps if he's nervous, he may find it easier just to text you.

This is something you'll need to address if you see your relationship going anywhere. 
Why your boyfriend only messages you 
Now that we've got the innocent reasons out of the way - we can get stuck in with the more worrying reasons.

One reason guys prefer to text is that they can reply in their own time. That doesn't sound so bad, right? 

If he needs time to reply, then there's a good chance that he's sitting right next to his
other girlfriend - and communicating by text is a lot easier to hide than sneaking out to make phone calls all the time. 
There's also the outside chance that he's actually a girl disguised as a guy, and that she's afraid of talking to you, in case she reveals her true gender. This has actually happened, so it's not as far-fetched as it may seem!
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  • Girlfriend tracking the calls.
  • Less likely to get caught cheating.
  • You aren't worth his daytime minutes or roll overs.
I can go on and on - but I might start crying.
"Let him go..."
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  • Doesn't want your number on his phone bill
  • Another woman
  • Not that into you
  • Keeping you at a distance
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He is afraid of a direct confrontation maybe.. Voices after all uncover the feelings behind the words

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