I Want To Send My Boyfriend A Dirty Text But Im Really Crap At Thinking Of Them.. Is There Any Websites That Have Examples Of Dirty Texts That Can Help Me..?


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Being apart, even if only for a few hours, can be heart wrenching for a couple in love. The quick text message can make your partner's day or make it go all so much quicker if you have an evening planned.
I must say it is easier for you to send a text to him rather than the other way around as men, well most men, are simple creatures when it comes to this sort of thing. Keep it simple and evocative without being crude and you should be fine.
But before I give you some examples, remember to send these texts only when it is appropriate. What kind of work does your boyfriend do for a living? Does he always have his phone on him? Does his mum visit him at work? That kind of thing, which reminds me, never send pictures! Trust me, just don't do it.
OK, sexy texts, if you want something romantic go for something like:
I love you more today than I did yesterday, but not as much as I will tonight.
Nothing is more beautiful to me than you wearing only the moonlight and my kisses.
When you can count all the stars in the sky; that's when I'll stop wanting you.
If it's dirty ones, talk about all the things you'll be doing later. Talk about what you're wearing and what you're doing while thinking about him (even if you're not).
Finally how about a poem: Of all the babes you're my selection. Please don't give me a rejection. My teeth are clean for your inspection so give my mouth a tongue injection!
If these don't help, try this site (www.lotsofgreatbuys.com/2009/03/sexy-text-messages-to-send-t) for lots of dirty texts.
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Actually, *sexting* is illegal, and even the most innocent sext can get you in hot water. It's in your best interest not to do so. But, if you drop hints, nice ones, it won't be that bad. Just don't send lewd pictures, or words. ok. Hope this helps, good luck to you.

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