I need some really good dirty text messages to send to a guy?


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Dirty text messages can really turn a guy on, and might be just what you need to keep that spark in your relationship going.

As this is a public forum I hesitate to get too filthy, but here's a few examples of things you could say:

  1. Start by telling him how bad you want him. It's best to start off at 1 and gradually crank it up to 10 rather than going full out filthy from the beginning.
  2. Describe how it physically feels to "get it on" with him
  3. Describe in detail the kind of things you would do to each other. Start with what you would do to him, and then state what you would "demand" back from him.
  4. Create a scene out of these sexual encounters that is almost fantasy-like.
  5. Always compliment his "size" and how good he feels when he's with you.
  6. A picture tells a thousand words. Send him some racy nudes. If you're worried about privacy, use Snapchat or something like that..
  7. Make a date. Don't just lead him on, tell him when and where you want to make these things happen. Make it REAL for him and he will get so turned on. Trust me.

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