How Can I Get A Sexy Boyfriend?


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Nice Girl answered

Ummm have a sexy body! Lol!

Sorry for this ridiculous answer (as I think it is) because the truth there's no way to get a sexy boyfriend and maybe if with a sexy body if you get one then I guess he too will have that dirty feeling for you so I'm sure you won't like this so why want a sexy boyfriend, why not want a nice kind loving caring and sweet boyfriend who will love you till the end of this earth! So...just think about it! ;)

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I agree with Nice Girl their is no way to get a sexy boyfriend. If I were you I would find a guy that interests me and if he's sexy, great, but if not and he's just cute don't leave him, it will break his heart and he will be upset. Stay with him and be grateful you have a boyfriend!

PRINCE LEO answered
Hi gorgeous! Look, 80%-85% boys r always seeking for a hot-figured beautiful and gentle girl to hang out with. Girls have d main power. Just b 8ractive and "expose" yourself a little bit.... If you know what I'm talking about, d naughty act.

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