How Do I Please My Boyfriend In the Bedroom On Valentines Day?


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Valentine's Day is a celebration of the relationship and connection you have with your man. There is no better way to show him just how much he means to you than by expressing those feelings physically.
Whilst some women may feel there is a bit of pressure to turn things up in the bedroom for Valentine's Day, my advice would be to make it special, but keep it fun.
How do I please my man?

The biggest mistake you can make when approaching Valentine's Day sex is to heap loads of pressure on yourself. Being more experimental and pushing your boundaries is great, but making yourself feel uncomfortable just for the sake of pleasing your partner probably won't have the effects you're hoping for.
Chances are, if you're not having fun, your man will be able to pick up on it too.
So, for a night of electric passion, I'd recommend you try to kink things up whilst keeping things light-hearted and fun for both of you.

Sexy ideas for Valentine's Day
You will know your man better than anyone else when it comes to the bedroom, so you're probably the best person to come up with kinky ideas you'll both enjoy.
One idea would be to make a saucy video for him. Sexing up the bedroom, having him lay down on the bed and playing the video back to him will have him revved up in no time.
If you wanted to take that idea further, you could even film a sequel together! Dressing up for the roles might be another big turn on you could try out.

Another great idea would be to seduce him with a sensual dance. Putting on a dazzling burlesque outfit and doing a cheeky strip-tease for your man is certain to tick all the right boxes, and is a very popular theme these days. You may even want to take things a bit more seriously and book yourself in for some burlesque or pole dancing classes. Increasingly, this is also becoming a popular way to keep in shape, and I'm sure your man won't mind helping you with your dance class homework.
Maybe this clip of burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese will give you some inspiration:

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I would buy something sexy or kinky.... Decorate the room to fit the mood you want. Get fruit, whip cream, candles, music, some oils that heat up when you blow on them and rock his world. Do whatever your body allows you to do that night... Be in control or let him have his way, whatever he likes better. Just make sure he can't get up in the morning, lol.
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Made a slide show containing your pictures together with 'my valentine' song and burn it into a cd...
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The best thing is to think really about what he likes. Celticgirl and FDQ both gave good answers to this question in the past; the key is to think about HIM, rather than what is the Valentine tradition, what are your friends doing etc. You can go for a sexy evening or a romantic one (or both!) If you go out, make it a place that you know he loves, even if it isn't your idea of a Valentine's venue. The same goes for a gift - if you know he would like something, get it whether it's romantic/sexy or not. The main thing is to be really nice and show a lot of love.
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Buy his something you know he loves or wants....or you can buy him something that the two of you can do together that you have never done before.
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Dress up really sexy and have a photo shoot, after the photo shoot take the pictures and make a calender with each month revealing a picture of you or him. Its very unique and your boyfriend would love it. Make sure the pictures you take pertain to a certain month. Ex. For December have a pic of the two of you during Christmas. Or a pic of you dressed in a sexy Mrs.Clause outfit:-)
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Try to opt for a candle night dinner...
Give him a gift which he loves most..
And see he'll be pleased...
Hope this works..!!

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