How Do I Forget About My Ex-Boyfriend? He Always Kisses Me.


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Lily Bradic answered
First of all, don't let him kiss you! How are you supposed to get over someone if you're still engaging in romantic acts with them? It's just not possible.
How To Get Over Your Ex
  • Tell him to stop kissing you. Don't let it happen again!
  • Tell him that you can't be around him because you still have feelings for him, and it's hurting you. Let him know that you need some space to get over him.
  • Don't try to be friends - at least not yet. You can't be friends with an ex until you don't have feelings for each other anymore. Even then, it's tricky.
  • Avoid places that you're likely to see him. Out of sight, out of mind, as they say!
  • Stop thinking about him. Spend time with friends, and try not to spend time on your own.
  • Don't listen to music that reminds you of him.
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David Mathley answered
Do not allow him to kiss you. Tell him that you will not tolerate it any longer and to leave you alone.
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Stop letting him kiss you!
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Lexi answered
If he's your ex, then why is he kissing you? And how can you forget when someone kisses you?

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