My Boyfriend Treats Me Like A Buddy, How Can He Be A Bit More Affectionate?


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Hi, I think that in most cases when a man starts treating a women he loves as a Buddy, then maybe the women is carrying herself like a Buddy. Do you dress like a friend or as his lover? Do you act like a Buddy or his Lady? Sometimes we get so comfortable in our relationship, that we forget our role. We must present ourselves as Women, Lady, Lover, and not a Friend or Buddy. Take Care!

Guys start of with the way of from buddy as that's the initial he will treat you as his lover by the comfort being felt by him and you got to give him and make him understand that there is no one better for him than you.
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Hi Panda92!  Unfortunately unless he cares there's nothing I can advise you to do that could change "his" behavior in your relationship. Sometimes it's the girl in the relationship that has to initiate the romance and passion. Tell him you "need" romance in your life. See if he cares enough to go along with it. Guys can sometimes be romantic if inspired. The more you do it and he enjoys it, the more the chance that he might eventually be the one planning the next romantic experience for the two of you. If that doesn't work, black leather and whips will! Good Luck!
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Well thanks, I will have to think of something n.n Oh, and the black leather and whips would probably turn him on lol n.n jk
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Okay, well my boyfriend was the exact same way! It's frustrating beyond anything else when you want a relationship and it seems like they just want to hang out all the time. As we dated longer, it did get so much better. He's always got me in his arms and all now. But what really helped was bringing him around other couples, like my friends that were together, that get all lovey-dovey. It was almost like he learned from them and started being that way with me when he noticed how cute I thought it was.
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I completely understand what you're going through, I've been with my boyfriend for a little over two months now, which obviously isn't that long. We were "together" for about three months. He used to ask me if I wanted rides to school and get so nervous when he asked me to hang out. He seemed like he was trying really hard so I'd like him, which I did, a lot. Now that we're going out, we hang out much less, he invites me to parties but I always have to ask him first if I want to hang out with him! I'm always the one texting him first when he used to text me almost everyday. I like him so much, he's really sweet and he's great, I just wish I had something to remind me that he actually LIKES ME. I know it's hard for him being that I'm his first girlfriend but I really don't know how to talk about it with him without him get insulted and/or scaring him away due to his inexperience.

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