Does Gail Kim Have A Boyfriend?


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It is best to tweet Gail yourself to ask this question, and get her to amend her Wikipedia entry which states that Gail Kim is planning on marrying her fiancé Robert Irvine next year - yet Irvine’s own page states that he has lived with his wife in New Jersey since 1998. Her Twitter feed @gailkimITSME has over 32,000 followers. WWE Women’s Champion, TNA Knockouts Champion and FC (Funking Conservatory) Women’s Champion Gail Kim enrolled in Ron Hutchinson’s Pro Wrestling Gym and began her training to become a wrestler. In December 2000, Gail Kim made her professional wrestling debut for Toronto’s Apocalypse Wrestling Federation. Kim's on-screen relationship with wrestler Daniel Bryan ended when Bryan was sent to SmackDown as part of the 2011 WWE draft. Her signature moves include the diving leg drop, the dragon sleeper and the double-legged Toronto Slam. Her finishing moves include the Flying Dragon, Eat Defeat and Happy Ending. (In 2010 the Guardian reported that Irvine had lied about possessing a knighthood, such was the pressure of being a celebrity chef on American television: "When I first came down there and I met people with all this money, it was like trying to keep up with the Joneses. I was sitting in a bar one night and that came out. It was stupid," he told the St Petersburg Times in Florida.) For full coverage of the WWE show, including news and features, visit, including an ask the divas video in which Kim reveals that her favourite person to follow is CNN’s Anderson Cooper because "he follows the news, and he’s cute!”
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Gail Kim is rumored to be romantically linked to Bret Hart("HitMan").
Dwayne Johnson(Rocky Maivia,"The Rock") is NOT married to Gail Kim.
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No, Gail Kim does not have any boy friend but appeared as Daniel Bryan's girl friend in some wrestling events.

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