My Boyfriend States I Annoy Him Everyday. He Cuts Me Down And Treats Me Like A Little Kid. Nothing I Do Is Right. He Play Fights But Is Super Rough Almost Like He Enjoys Hurting Me. When I Cry He Gets Mad And Calls Me A Baby. IDK What To Think?


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Sweetie, when there is a guy that treats you like that, there's no point of you being with them..If he treats you like a little kid than that means he has no respect for you.. Sometimes when they pretend to play fight they usually expect you to be able to handle it and they just think that it don't hurt..When you cry and if he call you that, then you shouldn't be with him..Don't think too much about what's going on..You just need to break it off with a guy like that, cause you can find someone better than him..There's always someone that treats you better than what your boyfriend is treating you..On my opinion I think that you shouldn't be with a guy like that, you should move on with your life and be independent without a guy like that..Good luck sweetie..
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You need to get out of that relationship, he totally disrespects you and treats you mean..
You will be able to find a great guy who treats you a lot better! If you would stay with this guy, things will only get worse..imo there seems to be a dead end with this deserve someone else! Good luck.. :D
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Wise up woman! If he treats you like this I wouldnt go out with him. I wouldnt be wit someone who hurt me physically and emotionally. Play fight means he hurts you I would call the local law enforcement and leave him if hes like this now further down the road it could get worse. A lot worse but it has to be a decision you are willing to make yourself.
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I think he is a horrible person and you deserve better. That is not way to treat anyone. Be brave and break up with him. Good luck.
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No offense but he sounds like the biggest douchebag ever...dump him!!!

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