Why Is My Boyfriend So Annoying?


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Ember Lynn answered
LOL. I love the question. I've asked myself that a million times. Think of it this way. Who knows how to annoy better than anyone else in the world? Siblings, now why you may ask? Because we've spent so much time with them and they know how to push all our buttons. The same for a boyfriend. When you've been around someone so much they start to really know you and with that you start to really know them and you're more comfortable with your feelings. You're fine it seems but when it gets to the point when you roll over at night and you look him in the face and in turn want to hit him in the face...well maybe its time to move on.
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Amber Mattison answered
Lol... Honestly I think they all can be annoying. I have been with my now husband for 9 years and he is still annoying at time. You just have to ask yourself if it is something you can get over or if maybe your relationship just isn't going to work.

To me.. The definition of men is ANNOYING LOL

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