Why Is My Boyfriend Stingy?


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There are several possible reasons behind his stingy behavior:

1. He's in a troubled financial situation (has no job at the moment/has amassed significant personal debt)
2. He is saving up for a mortgage, car, or other large purchase (perhaps a wedding... Who knows!)
3. That's his character (it may be down to the way he's been brought up)
4. He doesn't think you are worth it (this is the worst-possible reason)

Why is my boyfriend so stingy?
How stingy is he? You need to explain, as people can be stingy for various reasons.

However if he has a good, stable job and earns more than you - then his reason for being stingy might be that he doesn't think that you are worth the 'investment'.

If this is the case, I'd recommend you drop him quicker than a hot baking tray being handled without oven gloves.

Money shouldn't be everything in a relationship, but it can be an important way of gauging how your man feels about you.

There's no doubt that he values his money, so the only question remaining is whether he values you more?

Testing out how stingy your boyfriend is
You could test this question out by staging a fake kidnapping - pretend someone has kidnapped you and is demanding a ransom fee be paid for your release.

If he's willing to cough up for your safety, then he truly loves you and cares for you more than his dollar bills.

If he doesn't pay your release fee, then I suggest you join a dating website and forget all about this loser.

(P. S. If you're going to try and pull off the fake kidnapping idea, just make sure the police don't get called in. The last thing you need is a blackmail or fraud indictment).

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