Why Is My Ex-boyfriend Such A Jerk?


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Septic is right he probably lied about a lot of things in the relationship when you were with I'm for example he could tell you that him and your best friend had sex while they were going out but she could tell you that's BS then he is less powerful and feels weak, he is probably feeling very vulnerable seeing you guys as best friend because he is less powerful. Girl don't listen to him best friend s are hard to come by no matter who they are just tell your best friend to ignore his calls and messages and you should block his number from your phone.  Good luck.
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Well, he's probably upset that you'll find out stuff about him. When he was with you he boasted of this and that but most of it was bs. He was just showing his feathers to attract you. Now that you hang out with his chicadee that he flashed for prior to you, you may find out the lies he told you. For the record, women are the disloyal ones. Women are bigger cheaters. Its because of women that men cheat. No matter how you look at it women are at the center
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Well if he is your x-boyfriend then he is soo going to be such a jerk that is what you call men. He is just cross with you because you brock up with him um um um well l l l l I hope this advise has been a great help to you ok bi from alysha
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Because he's probably jealous of you and the other ex girlfriend. And he thinks he's a man. And then he's is going to keep cheating on his girlfriends. So his an idiot.
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He's being mean b/c he's showing off to his friends, to make himself look better. Depending how long you were with him it could take time for him to be friends. I dated a guy in h/s for 3 yrs we broke up I tried being friends he couldn't it finally took him about 3-6 mths before he could. That was almost 15 yrs ago to this day we are still really good friends [only friends]. Don't let it show it bothers you when he's being mean laugh it off, make a joke about what it is he is being mean about. Show that you don't care. No matter how much it may bother or hurt you, don't let him see it. You are only giving him the satisfaction, I could almost guarantee almost. He'll be back and if not than just be glad you didn't waste anymore time with him, as a couple or as friends.
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Because he misses you and doesnt want to show it. Thats what mine is doing too :/

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