What Do I Do About My Ex Who Is Being A Jerk And Won't Talk To Me Now?


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It is always hard to stay friends after a relationship, especially immediately. I think that if you are serious about it being over you need to let him go, for the time being at least- until you are both over each other. He only said those mean things because it probably hurt him to see you with another guy, even if he is a mate. Imagine how you would feel if you see him with a good looking girl if you were yet over him. I recently came out of a 2 year relationship and decided to call it a day and not talk to the girl. It hurt for about 2- 3months but life goes on and our paths will probably cross again in the future.maybe its the same for you?
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Evelyn Weaver
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X's are X's for a reason, if he is your X.....leave him alone.........got the new man in your life? go forward and make the best of it.....your not supposed to be fooling around with an X....if you have some one else....your just creating problems in your new relationship when you do..........evidently the X hurt you? do you want to be hurt again? heck NO!.........wake up girl!
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If you want him, ignore him. He'll come back like a whimpering puppy dog.
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Julia Holtzen
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I don't want him back... i just don't like the fact that he is being a jerk and acting like a child... which is exactly the reason i broke up with him.
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Closure doesn't always happen the ideal way we hope it does. Best to forget him. You'll make much better friends and in 2 more years you'll wonder why you're worked up today. Good luck with that.
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Then wait a few days and then try again if he still don't talk as much as it might hurt leave it alone and if you aer meant to be hell want to talk and maybe work things out this a x for some reason you both might need your space
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You shouuld just forget about him
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I think you should let him go and find another one and if you think that the other one is true love stay with him.

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