Why Does My Boyfriend Say Hurtful Things?


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He is insensitive and does not care about your feelings. He may think you will allow him to say or do anything or be any way with you and you will allow it because you care for him, therefore he does not respect you as an individual. He may simply be childish or he may simply be rude. The question is - Why do you put up with his hurtful actions?? How long will you endure this sort of treatment before you finally stand up for yourself and kick him to the curb? From the tone of your question, it seems obvious that this is not the first time he has hurt you and this is a on-going problem. It is up to you to put a stop to it. He is certainly not going to curb his own actions, is he? Perhaps you care for him much more than he cares for you. Does someone who treats you so badly really care for you at all? You certainly deserve better treatment than he is giving you. It is up to you to decide what (if anything) you are going to do about it.
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My last boyfriend said hurtful things to me because I was going somewhere in my life and he wasnt really getting anything done and he was jealous.  Maybe your boyfriend is jealous or maybe its his way of pushing you away I would talk to him and see what is going on.  Next time he says something hurtful don't give him the pleasure of an answer just turn around and ask why he feels it necessary to say things that hurts your feelings
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To look cool and look like a bad-boy to get more girls attention
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To look cool and strong.

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