Why Does My Boyfriend Hurt Me A Lot? Does This Mean He Doesn't Love Me Anymore?


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When you hurt you're loved one, that's not LOVE.
Get rid of Him before he really Hurts you.
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Its a law of Nature that we always hurt those who are closest to us but it does sound like he has a drinking problem. Don't take too much from him otherwise he will only keep it up and it will get worse before it gets better. Anything will set him off so call the authorities if he becomes too much, it just might help him
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If a man hurts a women mentally or physical he doesn't care for that person. Its dangerous to be with one that drinks a lot. They can be very violence when they are on the influence of alcoholic
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He would not hurt you so much if you didn't love him a lot.  If you let him know that his actions are hurting you and he loves you, then he would not continue to do the same thing.  But he would have his reasons for drinking, and without knowing why he does what he does, it would be too much to assume he doesn't love you anymore.
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Like I said before, there is no reason or excuse, however you want to call it, that a man has to be abusive towards they're significent other. That is not LOVE.

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