Whenever i say i love you to my boyfriend, he doesn't say it back. Does he love me?


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Maybe he feels really srtong towrds, and about you, bu tisn't ready to say that word. It's a strong word. My X told me that love isn't just a emotion, but also a commitment. A way that someone wants to feel about the other cause of how much they care for them
so maybe... He wants to take things slow, or isn't ready to make that "promise
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Lorraine Stevens
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Maybe you're right.. He wants to take it slow. He did tell me one time and totally off subject that there is no reason to rush things. We were talking about something else, but i think he was hinting me.
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That is a question to ask him haha. Come on though, just because an individual does not tell you they love you every 10 seconds does not mean they do not love you. For example I am almost 22 and in those 22 years I have heard my dad say I love you to my mom maybe 100 times. IN 22 YEARS. Now, my mom knows he loves her and we know he loves her through his actions, he may not say it all the time but he does show it and he is always faithful no matter what.
Stop being peranoid and talk it out. Without the fighting, and maybe if you don't tell him I love you soooo much he might start saying it more often. Just an idea
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Lorraine Stevens
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Its been 3 months and he hasn't said it at all. I have said it a few times. I think that when you feel it in your heart then you should just let it out and say what's on your mind. Right? Or am i pushing it a little?
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Chances are hes not all that much into you as you would like for him to be so probably youre in a one sided relationship. This isn't to say he doesnt like you, its just he doesnt feel about you right now as you do him so slow down on telling him and see what happens
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He might not love you YET --- that's, if you two just sort of started going out. (I'm not thinking you were!!) A crush is NOTHING compared to love. Trust me. Ever since my first boyfriend I can't even have a crush on someone without comparing it to the love I had and thinking "jeez this is nothing, how could I ever like this guy"
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Um....Just because he doesnt say it all the time doesnt mean he don't love you to find that out maybe you should watch how he acts around you and stuff like that
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Lorraine Stevens
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He hasn't said it at all.. But he does act goofy around me and that is one of the traits that i love about him. Thank you.

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