When My Boyfriend Says He Loves Me Does He Mean It?


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Its said that the your boyfriend or girlfriend often knows whether or not you love them before they actually say it. In my case I knew my boyfriend loved me a week or so before he said it and the same for him before I said it. You can feel it, their affection for you and their love in the way they look at you and the way they say it. When Chris first told me, I could feel it radiating from him (and this was over the phone). No one can tell you what the moment should be like because every guy is different so the way he says it will be different but you should be able to tell by simply feeling it, his love that is, radiating off of him. After all you can sense and see love between two people when they're together.
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I think we all have asked ourselves that question at one time or another i know i have.If you believe in your heart that he does love you and truly shows you that he does then you have nothing to fear he does.But if you tell him that you love him and he does the hesitation to say it back or kind of does the eye roll when he says it then maybe he doesnt and just says it because you did or its what you want to hear you are the only one who truly knows him and if hes lying but the only way to get a straight answer is to ask him yourself if in fact he really does mean it.Hope that helps stressed21
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Hmmm depends on what age you are.. I can see just by your question you are so young.. People your age doesnt really know what love is.. You will understand it as you grow old.. Better ask your boyfriend what he means about love..

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