Oh I'm sorry, I forgot I only exist when you want something from me ...why do people use you ? Its annoying.


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I have a friend that is ALWAYS TOO BUSY to talk to me or get together UNTIL she wants something or is in crisis.  The second she calls she expects me to drop everything. Yes, I find this annoying! She may find the next time, I may not be available so readily. C
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..dont..be.stand your ground! 8)
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I plan too...this time. I do not want to return unkind behavior, but, I have warned her for who influences her...who she considers an authority and trusts. She does not believe me. She's on her own. She knows not keeping in touch hurts me and does it anyway. She believes that it gets her off the hook when she keeps using the excuse, she is so busy. I MUST be understanding and except her excuses.
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A person should be either a good friend or a good enemy but not the combination of good and bad(good at face n bad at back of us)......

And I have always got friends with the combination only..:PP..I have always trusted my classmates n believed them..n almost of them had cheated me which hurts me a lot but then also if they ask me  for help I can't say No to them....
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There used to be a girl in our little group that we christened Lemme - as in lend me a tenner til pay day.Which of course meant threatening violence to get the money back off her lol.One of her fave stunts was if we went to get something to eat she'd trot off to the loo and tell one of us order me the same as you and I'll square you up later ! User much ?
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Some people seem to wear a sign saying "use me". You get treated the way you allow yourself to be treated.

When you're tired of it, put a stop to it. Your true friends will rejoice when you do.
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My friend used me for money only because before I told her I was rich and I regret it.. I do not even see her anymore.

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