I Want To Know How You Ever Know Someone Really Loves You If You Are A Very Insecure Person And Never Felt Like Anyone Has Loved You Before ?


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Feelings of love and attachment stem primarily from childhood expereince. Among them one cause may be with the inadequate interaction with the primary care giver such as mother. When one's mother-child attachment is disrupted for some reason, the individual may feel unloved and may suffer from insecurily complex. He or she may feel like there is no one on earth who really cares. This feeling results in lack of confidence and low self-esteem. But the reality may turn into different dimension. It is not true for all the time that all the relationships you are having around may turn into disruption. There might be someone who REALLY cares for you and your love. Only thing, you need to understand the clue that you are receiving from him. For example, focus your attention to his action when you need someone by your side or his attitude and communication style when you need some suggestion. Watch your feeling how you feel when he is present in front of you after a long time and also how he reacts at this situation. Love is a godly feeling that is inherent to all of us. It doesn't need to make you understand when you will find that both of you are sailing through the ocen of love in the course of time. Just wait for the perfect time to come and to take you to the universe of love.
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I like your reasoning, you did answer my question , this guy doesn't love me. When i've needed someone to talk to and i call him he's busy and has no time to talk.
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Hey, I have been on that same island, all my life. I had a real bad life, well up until this point. Always waiting for the bottom to fall out. It's hard, especially when all you know is how to be a victim. I even ran away, when someone started too get to close, It freaked me out because I felt like I deserved being treated bad.

I'll tell you my experience. Right now you need friends. Friends that will urge you, encourage you, take time to listen and understand you. You can't acquire them over night. You have to move to the whole other side of the island. When you feel you deserve this, you really do carry a neon sign, it says hurt me.

Start with a list, it should be ongoing, a list of traits that your heart soul and mind want. Anytime those three things aren't balanced, it doesn't work out so well.

Love should always come from time. Real love can only exist with trust. Words are nothing, only believe actions, don't get me wrong. Sometimes words are awesome, only if you have the right reason to believe them. Life is simple, its a series of choices, some of those you need to pay close attention too. When you get to the point you have the ability to make them for yourself, you can then change your own life. No one can rescue you, except you. Maybe you could find a third party, one not involved in your current situation, a professional is best, a priest, therapist, ect. Someone it doesn't matter what you tell them, because it won't ever start drama believe me, you probably won't believe it, by talking about it, you will eventually find the root cause/causes of your insecurity, for me it wasn't only the obvious, there were things inside I didn't even remember. The point is you and only you, are responsible for your actions. Good fortune
First you must learn to love and appreciate yourself before you can fully allow anyone else to truly love you. I was married to someone who was very insecure with herself even though I loved her to death. But due to her insecurities that were never dealt with, the marriage ended after 12 years. Those insecurities will always pop back up if you don't deal with them and begin to see yourself as the beautiful and wonderful creation that you were made to be. It starts with you first, being healed and whole on the inside.
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Well I was married 18 years and he told me every day he loved me then he just up and got someone new, so that's my insecurity, I guess I don't trust any more.

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