What does it feel like when someone loves you? I don't know what it feels like and i feel like i never will cause i'm 21 and never ever been in not even 1 relationship.


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Douglas Montoya answered
There's someone out there for everyone, maybe you're not looking hard enough... My uncle, for example, once he read in the stars he'd find the woman of his dreams. The woman in red. So the next day he looked far and wide for the woman in red. He found one. Six months later, they were married, two years later, the woman in red divorced my uncle. He figured he'd just found the wrong one. But sometimes it's okay not to be in a relationship; once a girl said I was her knight in shining armor, she's been avoiding me ever since. I'm over her now, but it still hurts and heartbreak can really take it's toll. I don't like to go through those sorts of events. Into my main point, I'd be your friend, the best I can be. And I'd do whatever it takes to fulfill ANY promise I make. Especially this one.
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Arthur Wright answered
For you, you feel important & special when someone loves you, but when you're in love, it's a feeling that can't be described in words but it's a feeling like you've never felt before; you'll know when it happens. You're still very young yet so you have plenty of time for your Knight to show up one day.

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