How To Know That Some One Loves You?


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Tell her your feeling becouse if she understand you like her but you don't want to merry her then she may think she is only time pass for you. So don't be late.  Jitender
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You can go to her and speak about your helplessness and your problem that you had at that time. Tell her that she is the spark of your life and that you can't live without her. I am sure that she will reply in affirmative.
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When they choose you over everyone else and they want to be with you all the time and they're sad when they cannot.They laugh joke, pay you compliments and above all when they say those three little words and they're sincere about it.
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The beginning of any relationship is always like a chase and running game. If you like the guy whom you think might like you as well, then ask him for a dinner or a coffee or a movie. When you are sitting together, you may ask him questions like 'what kind girls he like?' or give him some hint by touching his hands accidently. Then I think you will know by his reaction. Good luck
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You need the eye of heart to see it. The care, affection, worriedness for you would tell you about this.

You have to check him by not talking to him and by pretending to be sick and by not meeting him.

If someone really loves you then you can see it in his eyes. His smile can tell you his care for you.
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First of all say correct english.
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I want to know whether she loves me or not because when I send her messages she is not answering and also when I tell her something she feels shy to accept it so what should I do
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Unfortunately some people can't verbally express their love. There ways to tell are:

  1. Do they respect you?

  2. Do they honor you ?

  3. Do they treat you kindly?
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I what to know if angel g santa cruz really loves me or if he is just playing with me ana v martinez.
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I love Prabha very much I hope that she also love me I never talk to any girl in my class instead of this a girl named Pallavi proposed me but I love Prabha what can I do? Help me!
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Well first off they don't just care about getting into your pants and they would never try to hurt you. You could also turn the question around, how do you know when you truly love somone? When you figure it out if there is al the same sighns then you will know.
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You just go and tell her what your problemes where were at that time and try her to convince if you does"nt get a positive answer you have only one way to get her my brother just take her somewhere where she loves to go just sit and relax with her ,speak some romantic words , offer her some red roses and do romance with her if then  also she does"nt give you a positive reply then rape her in the same place where you had taken her then threaten her if she tells to someone about the rape you will kill her and tell her to marry with you and even tell if she even tries to marry anyone else you tell everyone about the sexor the rape which happened with you .
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1. They stare at you. 2. They may follow you. 3. Ask their best friends, they may tell if they like you 4. They want to talk to you all the time. 5. They ask you out 6. They may try to hug or kiss you. 7. Check her/his Facebook, Twitter, Blog, or whatever. 8. They may say, I love you 9. Just ask them 10. Come up to them, become best friends, and they will definitely tell you. -Hope I Assisted you find your answer. Have a good day, Lone Wolf

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