How To Avoid Fear While Approaching People Specially Some One I Love?


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Suhail Ajmal answered
You need confidence only. You have to overcome your fear. Always think positive and have trust on your abilities.

You can avoid fear when you meet people by following means.
1- Talk less and listen more
2- Talk only about the interest of the other
3- Ask about the other people`s thoughts and do only give your authentic thought with examples.
4- Have smile on your face always
5- Talk softly and slowly
6- Wear sophisticated dress and walk graciously.
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Its a matter of self confidence. Like yourself my best friend had terrible trouble dealing with people of the opposite sex. As for myself I was completely opposite. Probably why I ended up as a male nurse. Just say to yourself look if I go up to them and they laugh in my face, then they have done me a big favour. After all, who would want to be involved with someone as insensitive and rude as that. So , given that this is the worst response you can imagine, what have you got to loose. Once you have overcome the fear of rejection it will get easier every time. I have been rejected in the past and it was out of my head within minutes. Then I could put it behind me and move on. Its not the end of the world.

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