Do you know or have a loved one who has a chronic or serious illness that is difficult to deal with on a day-to-day basis? How do you or they deal with the emotional stress to keep it from becoming overwhelming?


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As a primary caregiver, Its important that you get some away-time/respite. You need to take care of yourself before you can give quality care to others. This may mean relying on other family members to pick up some of the duties.

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Chocolatey  Goodness
Ahh, I think I asked this question wrong...
I was actually wondering how the one who's ill keeps from becoming overwhelmed. My bad! I'm sick at the moment, and it's hard to be a burden to my family. Good answer tho.
Betty Boo
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Bethany: your family loves you. It is not a burden if they love you.
Most important is.... Tell them ..Thank you and show kindness .. Love and appreciation.
I am a caregiver.
I just like being treated nice.
Chocolatey  Goodness
Awwww, thank you Betty... I just teared up a little. :')
I will be sure to keep showing my appreciation.
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My youngest sister recently passed away after fighting cancer for three years, beginning in her colon, then vaginal wall, liver, lung and eventually brain. She kept sane, by starting a charity called and delivered snuggles and other comfort items to oncology patients, and getting the word out about how cancer affects people and how much help a little thing can do. Her daughter continues her charity.

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Chocolatey  Goodness
Wow, I'm sorry for your loss. That is fantastic what she did. I have a little shop online of hair accessories myself that keeps my mind off of the torment of whatever illness is plaguing me... it makes such a different to have something to put energy into. Thank you for sharing.

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