This is a question for the guy's. Do you hate virgins? I'll be 21 in 26 day's and i'm still a virgin i feel like a loser cause everyone i know has had it and says it's awsome.


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I think there is an anime you should watch called loveless. Its set in an alternate reality where people have cat ears and tails. But when they loose they're virginity they loose they're cat parts. In the anime there is a school teacher about 25 years old who still has her cat ears. She gets teased for still being a virgin at her age. But as the story progresses she becomes more self assured and confident. And learns to like herself just the way she is
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I know this youtube star, that didnt have sex. He's 23, I think. Maybe 21. But him and this guy kissed and he was shacking like crazy. His name is Shane Dawson. But for me, I want to have sex until I fall in love with the right person. Not with anyone. Don't be desprate, because everyone is doing it. Just have patience.

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