I'm almost 25 and still a virgin, how common is this? I'm not looking for reassurance, I am just curious.


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I didn't lose my V-card until I was 24. But everyone's situation is different, its no big deal.

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Hun its ok to be a virgin at that age there are pepole that get married at like 39 thwn have sex beacus of there religion or they just want to wait to marig don't rush cus you might regret it

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It is actually a lot more common than you might think.

The thing is that sex is becoming something to tick off from a list, an accomplishment or a goal instead of an experience to share with someone you care about. Because of this, people feel pressured to do it just to conform to what are becoming the "normal standards".

So, if you don't hear a lot about people being virgin at your age is because it's not a thing people usually go and say out loud. Strangely enough, it is okay to be proud for having sex with someone but it's totally the opposite when you say you're a virgin. Most people tend to be quiet when it comes to this and most of them even lie instead of being pressured or even bothered because they don't conform or are "STILL a virgin".

That's completely fine because I think people should do it when they feel ready or when they feel it's "right" in that moment, not because they're being pressured by others' opinions.

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The Kinsey Institute reports that the average age of first intercourse is 16 years old for males and 17 years old for females. 

This does not mean that it is wrong to remain a virgin, nor does it mean it is wrong not to remain a virgin.  If/When you have sex should be your choice.  Do not feel pressured to do it.  Typically, that is when people feel remorse.

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It's not un-common hun - its a good thing. There's too many people sleeping with whoever, getting pregnant and not knowing who the dad is! Its not something you just give away and have regrets. 

Your first time is special and your never forget it. Loose it to the right person because once its gone its gone. If the person has a problem of waiting they're not worth it. Plus sex is so over rated don't be ashamed xx

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I am still a virgin cause I want give my heart to woman whose going to truly loves me and I will love her in return. I am age 46.

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