I don't believe in fate, people drifting apart is inevitable. I feel like it's now or never.  School will end one day and we'll be split up. What do I do if I'm not allowed to date but I don't want to lose him?


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Live in the moment.

None of us is guaranteed anything, celebrate what you have now, anything could change tomorrow.

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Otis Campbell
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Hi z
Yin And Yang
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Hello my friend! I saw a corvette today and I thought of you. You didn't happen to be in California were you? ☺
Call me Z
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Hey Otis, Yin, good to see you.
No, I haven’t been to Cali in about two years, but I am flattered that you thought of me.
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If we keep thinking of living the next day, you miss all the things that happening in the "Now" . . . Live in the "Now"  . . . In the moment as "Z" said.

You only get one chance in this life, live it like you mean it.

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Any advice would be related to your current age and grade level in school

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