I'm younger than people online/not in person realize but the point is than I'm feeling very Lonely and don't know what to do... ( also I have never dated or kissed a person before)?


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You need to get out - out of your room - out of the Internet world and into the real world. Spend some time in reflection - what is it that you enjoy doing? Reading, biking, walking, playing tennis.....????

You should go to your library and see what they have going on for people your age - you'd be surprised at what you'll find. Look up your city's Chamber of Commerce and see what kinds of groups / clubs they have that you could participate in. Check out Toastmasters in your area.

Once you narrow down your interests, then you find out what's going on in your city that includes that interest. There you will find like-minded people that you can get to know - go to coffee with - chat with.

Don't forget about volunteer work. Everyone benefits from this and you'll again come into contact with a lot of different types of people that you have the opportunity to get to know.

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Hey don't feel bad , i didn't get my first kiss to i was age 28 that's what i met my very first girlfriend now ex , there is lot places you can go to meet people such as the local library, church , parks, mall food courts, etc.

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