How Can I Make My Boyfriend Believe Me When I Say I Love Him?


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What should I do to make someone believe me when I say I love them?
Most people would say that actions speak louder than words. So, maybe he want you to show it.
There is a suggestion that we all understand love in different ways, maybe from how we have been bought up, we have all developed our own 'love language'.

Bling's for you
Some people value bought gifts, huge diamond rings, or expensive clothes and this goes for guys and girls.

Squeaky clean.
Others prefer 'gifts of service' this can be having dinner cooked, or cleaning their car, any task that they might seem as arduous, but that you are happy to undertake for them - these people will value this more than just something that you can easily pay for, so in effect, they would be insulted by a big gift because you haven't had to put any real effort into it.

Tell me more.
For other people, verbal affirmation such as telling them how much they mean to you, praising them in front of family and friends, fills them with pride and they can then feel more confident that you love what they do and who they are.

Squeeze me, squeeze me, squeeze me baby!
The last type of person values good old hugs and kisses and anything tactile to show that you are physically attracted. For these people, you could tidy the whole house, buy them a big gift, text them all day to say how much you love them, and if you don't hug and kiss them when they get in from work, it could all be for nothing.
How to make your boyfriend believe you.

It might be that you love gifts and he loves a massage...The best thing to do is watch what he does for you, take note of what he says and does to show you he loves you, and then use the same actions to show him you love him. Effectively you are then speaking the same 'love language'.
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Well my boyfriend's actions are always better than words.When someone is in love they take actions that is different from the action of someone who is not inlove.Maybe he want you to show it.The same actions that he takes to show that he love you.or the things he do to show that he love you.The things he do that make you feel you love him.Reverse it to him in your own way.
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It seems like he's gotten bored with you.  Move on!
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Well I think he should just trust you.
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In the beginning it sounded like he was grateful to be loved so fluently. In the time that has passed what has changed? Have you stopped doing loving things, or is he just used to the special treatment and is now taking it for granted. I would have a talk with him to find out why he doubts your love at this time. If it turns out that he is expecting more from you and is not giving of himself in return, consider that he may be very self centered and not for you at all.
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Massage his ego! If he likes driving tell him how brilliant he handles the car. Likes sport? Arrange a night in to watch his favourite team. Ask him what's happening, ask his opinion let him show you his knowledge he will appreciate it. Tell him you love the way he explains everything to you. He'll love it!

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