What Are Some Things I Can Say To My Boyfriend To Make Him Want Me More?


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I am Life..... answered
I don't understand one thing that why you always try to make someone want you more, be satisfied with the feeling that you have someone who cares for you. Isn't that enough.... See Im no one to give any advice but any feeling, or any kind od attraction that's created forcefully by making efforts is something that's not going to last for long. Let someone or that person fall for you more but naturally..... We all want to be loved and cared, but you cannot always make someone do that for you by asking for different ways.....

One should not go this way as making attachments based on efforts that are deliberately made to make someone love you more, is never going to stay for long....

Trust me. Let it come naturally..... ANd above all, you yourself can meke him love you even more by giving him the same.... Its not that hard.....
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darylle alvarez answered
You have to really have a nice personality or always say " i love you."
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Sophie Rood answered
I love you babe, without you the sun will never rise and my life will be dull and colourless  then kiss him on the lips
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I love you Rorri Peaton please say I love you I want you more and maybe I would love to do the mall again after my camp please give me your kisses and I miss that thats why I want to be your girlfriend againLove Adi

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