How Do I Turn My Boyfriend On More Without Overdoing It?


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It's a fine line many women walk, many want more out of their boyfriends, but do not want to look overly aggressive in getting it. This may be the entire problem as many men enjoy aggressive women and have no problem with the lady taking the lead in the bedroom.

The way to a man's heart and libido is through his stomach. If you want to seduce your man in a subtle way start out the night with one of his favorite home cooked meals. Make sure you have a few bottles of his favorite beer in the fridge for his dessert. Now that you've laid the groundwork, seal the deal by dressing up in an outfit you know he'll love.

Some men prefer the old school girl look, while others prefer to be the student while the lady plays the teacher. This goes back to a school boy fantasy as every man had a teacher they were in love with at one time. You'll know which role you need to play.

If this does not get the job done for you, don't be afraid to be aggressive. Many men enjoy being dominated but are not overly vocal about it. If you're in doubt, ask and in most cases your man will tell you exactly what he wants and how he wants it. Once you find out, do everything you can to accommodate him and you may just be amazed at the results.

Most men are simple creatures of habit. By observing your man closely, you can get a good idea of just what it is that makes him tick. Use this knowledge in turn to get what you want out of the relationship and in the bedroom and you'll have a happier and healthier relationship for both of you.
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Just simply kiss his neck soft and slow. But use your tongue to do so. Like rub your tongue along his neck and if he isn't wearing  a shirt then run your tongue along his chest. Kiss him on the lips soft and make out. But at the same time you can rub his dick if your comfortable enough to. So you can feel how turned on he is and if your doing it right. If you get stuck and can't think of what to do. Just ask him and he will help you along. Good luck!
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My boy friend is very easily turned on. A guys good turn on spot with out going to far is kissing his neck a sinple kiss my work but a long slow kiss will most deff turn him on. Another turn on spot is when you kiss the guys bottom lip with I simple lil  bite. Just as the others said show a lil skin thatll work to,but not to much. Just tease him it doesnt neccicarily have to be a sexual teasing just a simple one. Theres soo many ways.
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Turn Your Boyfriend On?? Kiss Hiss Neck And Talk Dirty In His Ear, go down on him then let him have a clear view of your rear area,, works on my boyfriend!! Give him a lil strip tease or maybe even play with yourself.
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Quit playing games?
Guys like the chase at first.
But then we like women to be up in our faces...
Be obvious about it.
He'll love it.
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I always kiss my boyfriend slowly up the neck while breathing hard...but not to hard just a sexy turned on kind of breathing..then I lightly suck and nibble on his ear lob then whisper dirty things I'm about to do to him...then I make my way down to give him head...look up at him while your doing this and make some moaning noises..makes him think your really enjoying what hes got to offer..then when you've finally worked up to the sex play with yourself and make it noticeable that you are
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If your already having sex with your boyfriend, then try going down on him more often, a lot of men like that feeling, the best way to do this is a 69 position, that way you both are taken care of at the same time...
And ask him what he wants and tell him what you like and want..

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