My boyfriend wants to lick the sole of my shoe. I know and accept he has a foot and shoe fetish and I am ok with that. In fact I like how he pays such special attention to my feet and he loves going shoe shopping. LOL However he has thrown up a new t


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Okay, but you do know that the bottom of shoes pick up the most germs. Hope he has a germ fetish too.
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He has thrown up a new twist I am having trouble getting my mind around. I have and wear a pair of black pointy toe pumps with about a 2 1/2 inch heel all the time and these shoes are quite worn. In fact, the leather soles are just beginning to show a hole wearing through and need to be half soled. He loves it when I wear these shoes and they have always really turned him on. He told me he also gets off licking the soles of leather soled shoes and really couldn't explain why this is such a turn

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