How Do You Have A Conversation Without Asking 21 Question As My Boyfriend Would Say?


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Well Neeka, it all depends what kind of questions you are asking him that's driving him around the bend.  If they are questions like 'so who did you talk to?' or 'who did you have lunch with?' or 'did you meet anyone when you were out?', then of course he's going to get upset because he thinks you don't trust him. But if they are questions like 'did you have a good day today?' or 'how did it go?' or 'are you coming around?', then they are pretty day to day type stuff.
Do you talk the same talk and ask the same kind of questions when you are face to face, after all you are talking here about phone conversations.  And if you talk to him a lot on the phone, how often do you actually see him? Sorry, I'm just trying to get an idea behind his response.
You sound like you could be insecure and your insecurity comes out in your phonecalls, needing reassurance that you are still number 1 with him.  So on saying this - ask yourself - do you trust him? Him not wanting to answer makes you wonder if he has something to hide and is frightened you might ask a question he can't answer!!
I apologise if this is casting a negative, but conversations do involve questions at some point, otherwise what does the other person have to respond to? Does he ever ask you questions? What does he ask you? What do you talk about otherwise? Humans are a very curious breed!!
And finally, your statement off 'if this is love I'm ready to let it go', then that says to me that you can't be 'in' love, because you are more than ready to give up on it.  Take a step back and have a good hard think about what you really want, how you really feel and are you being a tad too insecure and asking him questions that should by now be taken as read. If it is insecurity, and you are in love with him, you are going to have to learn to trust him a bit more, or you are going to push him away.
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You can definitely have a conversation without asking '21 questions' just find something that you both are interested in talking about and then the conversation will about you two 'talking' about the subject rather than you just 'asking' question about it.... Like for example if you guys talk about a certain singer you can ask him so you saw beyonce on tv last night and he will say yea and you can ask what did he think about it and then you can give your opinion and maybe compare her to another artist like pink and you can talk about the differences between the two

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