What Should I Do With My Boyfriend?


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Take the first step, go to him and talk to him.  Try being his friend and understand him that will help him to open up.  Just be patience with him.
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I know exactly what you mean. When my boyfriend and I started going out, he was very shy. He was always in his house on the internet and even talking to him on the phone was short and sweet. I rarely saw him apart from when we were in school. It sucked. But then I realised that he was generally quite a shy guy and I tried to make him more comfortable being in a relationship. One of the things I done, which helped a lot, was arranged to do something that interested him, and then bring some of his friends along, and that made a lot more comfortable being out with me. If you've tried everything and he still won't open up, then you need to talk to him about it. Honest relationships are always the best.

Well, first of all, when there is another friend over, make sure that the friend is fine with you and him maybe making out in front of them, because if they are not and you don't know, then the day can turn awkward and tense quickly. If you and your boyfriend are inside with another friend, you could always see what interests you all and maybe do that or there are always the original games, like truth or dare etc.. You can also just go out for a bit and just muck around and laugh a bit. (:
Hope that helped. X
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Love and understand him..try to talk to him on what is happening...
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If he's inexperienced with going out with girls, he might just be very nervous. He may be the type that is very self-aware and conscious of not wanting to say something to embarrass himself.

Despite how much you tell someone to just relax and be themselves; emotional, physical and gender barriers can still get in the way. Try to find a common ground, an activity you can share together.

The best way to 'break the ice' is though experiences - this is why companies have outdoor adventure weekends. Something as simple as watching a sitcom together and him laughing uncontrollably can be very liberating as men are a very proud gender and can act out in order to impress or just feel 'normal' or at least adequate' and by liberating their idiosyncrasies, it enables two people to connect on a deeper level, thus breaking the gender barrier.

Remember he's going out with you, so he likes you. He just needs a little help.

Hope this helps.

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