If My Boyfriend Beats On Me What Should I Do?


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Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Turn him into the authorities and press charges as no man should ever hit any woman or child no matter what
Lady D Bell Profile
Lady D Bell answered
If your boyfriend is putting his hands on you, then you need to kick him to the curb. A guy that hits on a female is usually a punk and don't love his girl. Moved on and show him that you are tried of his mess.
chelsea reel Profile
chelsea reel answered
Dump him and call the cops if he loves you he wouldnt do that, or maybe anger management, talk to him about it..
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
Honey, you really need to call the police if he does this to you, and you need to break up with him, because you know what I am going through right? My husband broke into the house, against what a restraining order said, and he called me and said he was here to kill me. He is in jail now, and I am happy about that, because now he can't hurt me anymore. He also threatened to kill my Tigger and my family.
PLEASE... Get rid of him, and buy some pepper spray in case you might need it. Love you honey, please be safe. Love, Tigg♥
carol washington Profile
I often wonder about the reason a man would hurt someone he loves and why that person questions should they stay? My heart goes out to all women (and some men) that are abused. We love who we love, even when it seems to be a bad choice. If you boyfriend beats you, one day he may put you 6 feet under. He has a problem that you can't fix with anything you do or try. If he beats you again, and most likely he will, call the police and press charges. Don't be weak, do all you can to see him serve time. No promise he offers will keep his hands off you. I worked with 2 women years ago that had to uproot their families for safety's sake. One had both arms broken and the other lost all her front teeth. Be safe and get help with this. Today there is help, years ago it was not so much available. You are in my prayers.

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