How Can I Start A Conversation With My Boyfriend As He's Very Quiet? It's Our First Day Going Out.


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Talk about his embarrasing moments and then it starts a long conversation and he will ask you yours it ok I have tried it.
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Start talking about random stuff like sports, movies, or politics. Find something that he'll like. Who knows, you could probably find something you both like.
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Well find a topic that he is interested also... Or ask him what sports is he into.... Maybe you have the same likes and dislikes..
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Well, you would start by staying, hi/hey/hello or what ever, then go from there talk about sports foods family pets or absolutely anything, see were the conversation takes you!!
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All you have to do is ask the guy a question about something related to a topic you want to talk about.  Most likely he'll immediately start a long conversation with you.  If he doesn't, that just means he is scared to death of saying anything wrong, I'm a guy, I know.

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