How Can I Prove To My Boyfriend That I Truly Care For Him?


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There are a lot of ways that you can show that you care. Remember, though, that love doesn't cost, so material gifts aren't a true reflection of how much you care.

Just spending time with someone goes a long way in showing that you care. There are also a lot of small things that can really make someone feel appreciated. For instance, you could call him to wish him good luck before a job interview or an exam. You could send a note or card 'just because'. You could cook a nice meal for him that included his favourite foods.

Another thing that helps you to show that you care for someone else is to invest time in yourself. After all, you have to care for yourself before you can care for someone else. Loving yourself is one of the biggest gifts you can give to yourself as well as your partner!
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Ask him, just ask him what really would let him feel cared, because all guys are different. Some guys even if they don't show it, just want to randomly know that they are the only one for you. When he's gone, just call and let him know that you're thinking of him. Don't make him explain every little thing, so what if he's 10 min late? Don't make him tell you evey detail, just let it slide. Sit with him and watch sports with him or talk to him about his day little things like that will make him smile and feel great, even if he doesn't show it. Also, surprise him with little gifts for no reason, a new t- shirt or whatever he's into. Spend a day on whatever he likes, once a week let him have his day and he can spend it any way he wants. No questions. (lol this way you can nag and have your way the other 6 days) lol. If you put yourself over the top and he seems to not notice or say thank you or anything, it might be time for some changes.
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You Shouldn't Have To Prove That Care Just Tell Him You Do And If He Want's You To Prove It Then He Doesn't Trust You
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Just show your loyalty. Be his friend. And care and listen and ask without pushing. Showing you care is paying attention to the little things. Like if he says, gee, I like such and such a team, though you may not be into sports, by him a special shirt or hat with his favourite team. Take an interest in what he is interested in and then act on it.
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LOL !  Prove  nothing !  If  you  already  feel that you have to prove  yourself to him them he  is not worth  your  time. No man  should  ever  make you feel  you have to prove  your love  or  your level of commitment .
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Just tell him you care about him!

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