How Can I Take Away The Disappointment My Boyfriend Is Feeling With Me Now? I'm Truly Sorry For Having Hurt Him Unintentionally Now. He Said He's Not Angry, But I Know He's Disappointed In Me. Please Help.


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This is a very common situation that one has to face while dealing with the relations. It happens that without considering the consequences of our words, we just speak. In fact, we do not have anything awful at our heart but the things just go worst. Well, the situation you are facing is not that much big deal. As you told you love each other then such matters are nothing but if they occur frequently then you must think about your relation and your own selves. And if that guy tells you not to discuss or bother the same thing, then do stop that and have a happy relation. When the other guy is not bothering then you should also stop thinking and talking about that.

Feel good and leave your cares behind you. Let me tell you that if you think about minor things and take them seriously then you will not be able to feel good for even a single moment. So, better leave the past and live in your present happily. And try to avoid the things after which you have to say 'oh I do not know how I could do that', take the matters wisely and you will find your relations get sweeter.
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Words can never be taken back, but since you guys decided to start as friends prove you can be a good one. Make sure you actually get to know him and make sure he can see that.
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Well I recently told my boyfriend that I needed space all because he said he wasnt sure about our future, and he didnt know how things were gunna be. I totally freaked out and told him we should take a break. But in reality I did it out of being upset. He claimed he knew he understood and I said ok. Having not realized the damage I just did. The next day I asked him was the relationship worth fighting for he said yes it was. So I told him thati would end the break wen I come back from vacation. But then he said that we should make it longer, and miss eachother, untill we both caint help but get back together. Makes since so I agreed. Two days passed and over those two days I began up dating my face book status. They were saying how happy I was, and how much fun I was having with my other friends and family. I think he began to see this, and started feeling lyke I didnt need him and was having fun w/o him. Which was not the case, I was deff trying to keep from overwhelming him with my true emotions and how I was really falling apart during this break, which I have come to realize I deff can not handle. In response he goes and updates his relationship status as nothing. He totally takes the category off. I tex him and ask him why and should I be worried he says NO I shouldnt, but we need to just keep it like that. So I said FAIR ENOUGH. Then he says you SEEM TO BE HAVING SUCH A BLAST. AND I JUST WANT YOU TO ENJOY YOUR SUMMER AND I want to HAVE FUN TO. And then I said I was having fun and just was tryna keep the break off my mind. And he said LETS JUST ENJOY THE SUMMER AND LEAVE THINGS LYKE THIS FOR A WHILE. That wen I knew I had hurt his feelings. So recently I wrote him a letter apologizing and calling off the break. However it will be up to himm to take me back. He says we are meant to be together and that we are gunna be together, and that he loves me. So I'm really not worried about the forgivness. But I do know I need to say I'm sorry. So really all you can do is say sorry gurl and let him forgive you.

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